What’s In Your Go Bag?

I have several of these little go bags in my home office and a few in my truck. This one has a water purification kit, a bunch of painkillers, some carabiners and rope. There’s also a pencil box with all kinds of writing utensils, a small ‘Guppy‘ utility knife. There’s a magnifying glass, fingernail clippers and of course, honey roasted peanuts.  Now that I think of it, it’s kind of a miniature bank. If you’re evacuated to the local gymnasium, this kind of stuff will come in handy, and none of it is so heavy that you’d mind carrying it a walked mile or three. I know that in my other one that’s this size, I’ve got some cigarettes and a lighter as well as chapstick and q-tips. I’ve also got a bag of those plackers dental floss picks.

We covered go bags at my other blog and I’ll bring that content over here. As well, we’ll put together something for the wiki once I get that setup.  What kind of go bags do you have and what’s the scenario you’re planning for?



4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Go Bag?


    Mmmm, Floss! That’s my man! Actually, I would go for a regular floss roll (waxed) because it makes a GREAT tough sewing material. Of course, it gives you great gums as well!


    After 9/11 living in SoCal, I remember pondering the idea of getting a small bug-out trailer together with the idea that if the inevitable earthquake or nuclear bomb setoff in LA, I’d want a lot of fuel and the ability to drive out here to the midwest where my folks have some land and security. It could be really small (size of a trailer for a motorcycle?) with a hose and pump. Maybe have 100 gals of gas, tent, sleeping-bags, food, etc.. You’d have to cycle the fuel, but it’d be easy as you could just regularly fuel your cars and fill it every few months.

    1. Nakajima Kikka

      If you wait until the nuclear bomb is set off, you can forget about getting out of LA anytime soon after that.


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