The Downside Blog is a guide to civil intelligent living in a downscale unintelligent or even hostile environment. It is an investigation of a way of living that is less leveraged on convenience and more leveraged on skill. It takes as a premise that in our civilization as in all civilizations, there are three classes. There are the rulers who are the ‘1%’ but actually around 3%. There are the peasants who are about 90% give or take, and there are the remaining few. Those few are those with the skills to survive independently but leverage their relationships both up and down to become indispensable to any civilization. These are what I suppose could be called the civil survivors, and I also think of them as NeoVictorians for reasons too involved to say here.

The purpose of the blog is to explore those signals and signs which point us to the necessity of such civil survival skills, but does not assume that they are inevitable. Nevertheless, these will be skills common to free men at all times in human society.


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